My Way Living Life

My Way Living Life
Wouldn’t you want to live to be 120 if you could feel vibrate and enjoy life? This is my way of living life.
I imagine myself doing all the volunteering, traveling, recreation or hobbies I like, for years and years to come! I have a lot to look forward to…so keep my mind sharp and my body strong. I want to be more active, vibrant, and doing more!

7 ways to imagine myself
• Out and about doing things I love because I’m just as mobile as ever
• Learning something new, having fun or going places
• Getting things done on my to-do list
• Full of zest and living life to the fullest!
• Feel Sharp instead of dull
• Remember quickly instead of hesitating
• Stay focus instead of having my mind wander!

These ways are for anyone that wants to live a healthy life!

Imagine a more secure future just from having better balance. Once you become less active, your bones and muscles just get weaker. But it doesn’t have to be that way! If the thought of being unsteady is stopping you from enjoying things you’d normally do, please don’t let it!

When you’re not confident about keeping your balance, you start avoiding activities that were never a problem before. If you want to maintain your freedom to travel, exercise, or drive where you want.

I must ask myself and you should ask yourself one question “Is what I’m do’ing’ work’ing’”? What I’m putting in and on my body, will it help keep my health to enjoy a long vibrate life.

I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.

I found a company, Young Living, that cares what I put in my body. Through their seed to seal practice, I’m confident knowing that their products meet the highest standards for living my life.

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