Stadium Convention

Stadium Convention

This year’s convention is “fulfill your destiny” as Salt Lake City, Utah, comes alive for the first time with the largest gathering for a convention at Rice Eccles Stadium for the general session. It has been D.Gary Young’s dream to have the event in a stadium instead of an arena. For more than 20 years a standard for essential oil purity and potency has been set with seed to seal process to ensure we get the best product.

Young Living has farms all over the globe and control every step of the process. The better the soil will produce better oil. If an oil doesn’t meet the standards set forth, it isn’t used, but sent back to be sold for something else. They are always scouting farms with ideal conditions for growing premium botanicals; to ensure the quality that we have come to expect with our products.

On Wednesday, we got to experience the Mona Lavender Farm and take pictures of the Blue Yarrow that we had planted last year. We enjoyed a complimentary lunch. This year they combined product & bargain tent with proceeds going to the foundation and you could top off the day viewing a jousting tournament.

What an inspiration to be able to sit and listen to Gary Young and his vision of where he wants the company to be and his vision and passion to continuously bring Young Living essential oils to the forefront of the industry. With its growth, the general session materialized to be held in a stadium instead of an arena.

The whole stadium erupted with applause when the anticipation of how our Founder D. Gary Young would enter the stadium. His Alaskan dog sled experience reiterate to what we could expect to build our business. You will have setbacks, but if your passion is big enough it will pull you through.   

I had so much to see, experience and comprehend at convention that at times it becomes overwhelming. I wish that I could have gotten to all the workshops because it’s really the main reason I wanted to attend. The few I could, I gained much useful information from Gary Young,  

I went with several ladies without my husband as I had bought him a ticket last year at convention with the hopes that he would travel with me. I later parted with the ticket for a dear friend.

This year we decided to room 4 to a room. I couldn’t have handpicked better roommates.  We didn’t seem to have any trouble sleeping by diffusing cedarwood and lavender at night. We tried to save by eating breakfast at the hotel.

What a fun and fulfilling last day of the convention! The day started out with breakfast of Einkorn pancakes and color splash run-walk for a cause for an opportunity to have fun and make a difference in the lives of underserved individuals for the foundation. After the workshops had ended, we attended Royal Dream Team Boot Scooting extravaganza with taco bar and line dancing with Teri Secrest before going to the final closing concert to see megastar Carrie Underwood performing at the Rice Eccles Stadium.

Some much to see and do that I’m sure looking forward to next year’s convention with the goal of having a much higher rank.

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