Speed Beauty School

Speed Beauty School

The  “Speed Beauty School” event host was the one and only Shannon Hudson bring a new concept about learning about skincare from the inside out.  

She explained that first our bodies need water and much more than most people get. She emphasized that you need half your body weight plus 20 percent. We are so dehydrated that it is the cause of a lot of the ailments that are affecting our generation. To get in the practice of drinking enough water set a timer and take a sip every 10 minutes. Beauty happens from the inside out. Our new make-up line is just the frosting on the cake.

You will use a lot of oils and she will encourage you to take a sip of your water along with the oils. She speaks so fast and knowledgeable that she doesn’t even use notes. Truly an event with Shannon you don’t ever want to pass up hearing. You will come away with your head spinning with all the information she will deliver

We decided to leave early Friday, August 12th, even though the event with Shannon didn’t start till the next day. Being that the event would start at 9 A.M. till 5:30 that day, we thought it best to stay the night at Fairfield Inn in Fenton, Michigan.

Arriving at the church the next day, we waited for Tyra, Debbie and Carol as they were driving up for the day. We were soon greeted by a different set-up with the emphasis on beauty that will enhance our Young Living lifestyle of health, wellness and abundance.  

There were fourteen tables set-up each with beauty line products including Art Skin Care, Savvy Minerals Make-Up, along with Men’s and Body Care lines. It was like speed learning the highlights of each product had to offer. We smelt and tried to get familiar with how the products were to be used.

She set up a 90-day challenge for each to have two classes per week and be accountable toward the goal of diamond. If completed, she will put you in a drawing at the November event.

Therapeutic oils can release your thoughts through your system to change your mind.   Thoughts become words and oils can be the game changer for your actions.

To sum up this speed beauty school with Shannon Hudson as host, your beauty happens from the inside, so it is only able to occur in the way you allow it to. Without excuses, what you truly focus on, you create more of what you want.

If you ever get the chance, I strongly encourage you to go see and hear this phenomenal, remarkable real woman. You will come away with more knowledge than you can comprehend. I never get tired of learning from her.

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