My website Twelveplus1

My website Twelveplus1
Some people might wonder why I decided on a custom name twelveplus1 for my website. When I started I very much wanted God as my CEO to guide me on this journey. The twelve is the 12 oils of the bible and 1 is me. My website will introduce you to a Young Living lifestyle.
If you come on this journey with me, you’ll not be alone.  connects you to Marketing Scents which is very duplicable and a highly intelligent group that will make learning easy to present to anyone. I can promise you will be working to better your wellness, purpose, and abundance every day.

I hear people every day, miserable in their jobs and they say” I just need to go back to school.” Sure, you could pay an institution to give you an education in a field and HOPE you can get a good job afterwards. Think of the debt you will incur working toward your degree. Many don’t ever hope to pay it off.

What IF you did something different? What if you invested those 2, 4, or 8 years in building an organization instead?

My website twelveplus1 could be that tool. With no guarantees you could be looking at more money, more flexibility in your schedule, and residual income that will ensure you don’t have to be working your tail off into your retirement years.

I got into this company not for its compensation plan which is awesome, but for the health benefits that would help my family. It’s just that I was introduced to the best natural health company in the world. It’s a company full of integrity, a company who pioneered and has stayed on the cutting edge of essential sciences for modern day living, a company generosity that is unparalleled, and a company who has the best compensation plan.

How far you want to go is up to you. This is a real profession and although it’s a long-term plan to earn enough to change jobs and your lifestyle, it’s still way faster to retirement than working a 20 to 40-year job.

It has the power to change your financial situation dramatically in 5 to 10 years of consistent work. But isn’t that still better than barely retiring at 70? Visit my website twelveplus1 and come on the journey with me.
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