My authentic Self

My Authentic Self

I want to be my authentic self, but often, we find that we are confused about why we are here at this time in history.  What is it that we “should” be doing?  We were each created with a unique set of knowledge and abilities to do “something”.  However, we may have been told by others that we “should” do certain things . . . or we may have admired people and attempted to be like them.  While we can be “good” at what others may have been designed to do, when we utilize our own authentic knowledge and abilities, we can be great and often effortlessly.   

Cedarwood is the first oil on my body every day as it can be helpful in bringing more oxygen into the brain.  It is also the last oil I use at night as I seem to have beautiful dreams when I massage my head with 2-3 drops on my fingertips.  As I apply it and breathe in the alluring aroma, I intend that the tiny molecules travel throughout my physical form and energy being supporting me in identifying my Authentic Self. 

Copaiba has been used to support digestion for centuries in South America where the trees grow.  It also seems to enhance the properties of all other oils that are applied and has an overall grounding effect.  Imagine how powerful it can be when applied after Cedarwood . . .  

Copaiba was also one of the oils that I used often when I injure muscles.  Not only is it helpful in boosting the effects of the other oils, it could energetically support my muscles in returning to its authentic state.  

NO oil is EVER really “wrong”, however, some oils may have a more positive effect than others.  Additionally, although the single oils are approved as supplements in the US, it may be more important to think about what you want the oil to do and then determine the best application.

It’s been a few weeks, but I invested in the Young Living Feelings kit to find my authentic self and find balance in my life. I found a saying the other day that resonated with me, “ A person who wants to lead the orchestra must turn their back on the crowd”.

If I want to find my authentic self I must not follow the crowd, but carve my own path that works best for me.

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