Lavender, lavandula angustifolia, derives its name from the Latin ‘lavare’ meaning ‘to wash”. Lavender is a flowering plant of the mint family known for its beauty, it’s sweet floral fragrance and highly versatile herbs that you can grow. As you may already know, lavender is used in essential oils, perfumes, aromatherapy, traditional herbal medicine and the kitchen as a culinary herb.

It probably why it has been called the “swiss knife” of oils because of its multiple uses.

Lavender’s history has biblical roots. It is referred to as Spikenard in the bible. Mary used it on the infant Jesus and anointed Jesus after the crucifixion when she was preparing him for burial. The early Greeks learned a lot about lavender flower perfumes and the use of aromatic herbs from the Egyptians.
The ancient Greeks called Lavender nardus, after the Syrian city of Naarda and was commonly called Nard. Its mention in the bible in the ‘Song of Solomon’ among other places.
Lavender’s widespread presence is understandable due to its beautiful flowers, its alluring scent and its extensive uses.

Benefits of Lavender:
Seasonal Discomfort: Diffuse with peppermint and lemon or apply topically to bridge of nose, back of neck, or vita flex points to alleviate your symptoms.
Cuts: Apply directly to cuts to disinfect and minimize bleeding. Helps with scaring.
Burns: Apply 2-4 drops immediately to a burn to soothe pain and minimize blistering. Add to pure Aloe Vera along with Royal Chamomile to alleviate sunburns symptoms.
Rashes: Mix lavender and coconut oil and apply to rashes and skin irritations to relieve symptoms and redness.
Stress: Diffuse 20 minutes/day to promote relaxation, ease tension, and support adrenal function.
Dandruff: Apply directly to the scalp or add a few drops to shampoo.
Bath scrub for skin: use sugar, olive oil, and lavender to create a wonderful exfoliating scrub for rough skin.
Sleep: Diffuse before bed to combat restlessness, also rub on bottoms of feet.
DIY linen Spray: Dilute 20:1 with water and organic non-alcohol witch hazel. Spray on sheets before bed to promote relaxation.
Enhance your food: vitality lavender has many uses in the kitchen. Cooking and drinks such as lemonade and tea.
These are just a few ways to use Lavender in your everyday life. If you want to know more about the Lavender that I use, please comment.

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