Intent Reaching Goals

Intent reaching Goals

I love Intent as it’s an active role rather than a passive one. It’s my intent reaching my goal of a diamond, but I don’t know where else it will lead me. When I ask for something, I put myself in a receiving mode. However, when I Intent something, I put my will, my passion, and my energy behind making it happen. Are you following me to see the difference?

I have challenges with setting goals that are not accomplished! It’s been my experience that the things I intent do occur and they usually occur with ease and grace. I’ve committed for the result when I make it my intention to get it done.

I don’t know if you have ever considered or followed astrology, but we are entering the beginning of Mercury Retrograde, which is often a time of miss-timing and mistakes abound. We can look at it as a frustrating period of about 3 weeks, or we can focus on the first two letters of retrograde being RE. We can Re-think, Re-evaluate, Re-plan, Re-do (better than before), Re-lax. It can be used for a very productive time to set my intent to reach my goal as a diamond.

I must sit down and give it thought how I’m going to use intent to achieve goals of making a difference in children’s lives. It will be a time to eliminate in my life the unnecessary elements that keep me from focusing on the inspiring stuff that will lead to a life filled with passion, purpose and adventure.

I must decide what I want to accomplish because it’s just as important as figuring out what I want to do. Once I have set goals with a purpose, I must map it out to reach my goal with children. I want to add variety to all aspects of my life to fuel my creativity. Lastly, I must keep my intent to be engaging, interesting and filled with enjoyment to visualize my goal.

I must realize that fear will come to play, but I should accept those realities and open myself to different opportunities. I will have to have intent to focus on what is not serving me to meet my goals. May this be a time of introspection for me to emerge with a greater sense of direction of intent to reach my goals.

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