Fear and Aging

Fear and Aging

So many people fear aging. We’ve all seen loved ones’ struggle with failing bodies and deteriorating health. But the bible talks about our latter years as being full of wisdom, and gray hair being a crown of glory and splendor.

When our grandparents were kids, their elders were still very much a part of their lives, often living with their families and still contributing in many ways. Old age wasn’t feared. Grandparents were cherished and respected.

So, what has changed? Why do we fear being broken down burdens?

Our lifestyles have changed. We’re no longer taking care of our bodies, eating well, and remaining active throughout our lives. And we end up losing the ability to move, think clearly, and contribute to society.

Does fear play a big part of your aging? Are you looking forward to flourishing in your old age?

Aging is one of life’s great contradictions. It’s everyone’s dream to live to a ripe old age, but many people fear aging. Our ability to live longer, healthier, more productive lives is one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments, but we often see aging as more of a problem than an accomplishment.

It’s time to turn that around, change perspective and act so we can continue enjoying the abundant life for years to come.


Our culture worships the fantasies of youth, yet we are being driven more and more by the realities of age.

I’ve been lax since I quit work so I decided to take a strength training class for a month. Whoa! Was I surprised how out of shape I had let myself get. It will take me a while to get back in the swing of things. This will be one time when I will be thankful for the oils. They will help insure confidence in me that I can do it. Of course, I will incorporate them to soothe my new muscle pain.

Do you know that women need to lift weights just as much as men?

So many benefits can be derived that it’s impossible to get otherwise. It will increase your muscle mass and enhance your metabolic rate. Your bone density loss will slow down. If you are having trouble sleeping, it could help improve that area of your life. It could give your health better markers, improve your hormonal balance, increase your libido and make you feel more energetic.

If nothing else you will enhance your self-confidence and improve your body image. You might even like what you see in the mirror. It may eliminate your fear of old age.

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