Encounter with Angels

angel-of-lightEncounter with Angels

When I’m in a tight and unknown situation, I sense and can feel a warm arm around me. I’m not scared, but a feeling of warmth overcomes me. Every time I go anywhere I’ve always ask to have his arms around us to keep us from harm. I know without a doubt that I have someone watching over me. Is it a guardian angel as I truly don’t think it’s my imagination?

In 1999, I had another encounter with my guardian angel or was it just luck! I was in college and my classes were usually didn’t get out till 10 o’clock. My friend wanted to know if I wanted to stay in Marion that night as the weather was predicated to be bad. Since I had to go to work the next day I opted to try to make it home.

The weather didn’t look real bad after classes. It was all clear till I got on route 23 and it was a complete white out! I was not sure where I was….median, road or berm, I just knew I couldn’t see anything, but white not even the overhead lights.

I began to see some flashing lights as if it was saying follow me. I thought what the heck as I didn’t seem to be afraid. It was as though I had warm arms wrapped around me.  I followed, but suddenly I didn’t see the lights so I stopped. Then out of the blue they appeared again and as I was approaching my turn off, I flashed my lights, but saw no vehicle that helped me.

Needless to say my husband knew nothing about my circumstance. I don’t try to contact my husband as many times he had to be at work by 3 A.M. Of course, I was usually pulling 7 day work weeks and going to school part-time. We often saw each other in passing.

My usually trip to school takes about a half hour. Well that night it took about 2 ½ hours to get home. The next day people at work wondered if I had gone to school that night. After work I read how many were stranded along route 23 that night. My friend called me to ask if I ever got home. Again was it luck or do I indeed have a guardian angel!   What do you think?

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