Andromeda by Name

Andromeda by Name

Andromeda comes from the name of one of the Greek Muses in Greek mythology. Any of the nine daughters of Zeus, each of whom presided over a different art and sciences.

Also, it was a name I hadn’t heard since taking a Latin class in high school. Our third year we had dived into learning about Greek mythology. It was then the Greek God, Zeus came into the picture. Several years later my sister had her daughter who she named Andromeda. She also went on to study and teach a language.

It seemed strange that the name came up again when I purchased a plant by that name. It’s actually very easy to grow that you would never think in terms of an evergreen. It’s not one seen often in landscapes around here. Later I had to wonder if it would survive as it didn’t have as much shade since we had all the trees taken out. To this day it keeps getting new growth. 

Andromeda japonica, also known as Pieris japonica, is a broadleaf, compact, rounded evergreen shrub that typically matures to a dense, upright habit. It is grown for its early display of spring flowers which bears attractive oblong leaves emerging orange-bronze foliage but matures to glossy dark green. The features of drooping clusters of white blooms resemble lily of the valley. Many varieties are available featuring flowers in various shades of white, pink and deep rose.

Of course, it always makes me think of a flower that I always like to smell as a child, because it resembles lily of the valley. So, it serves two purposes to remind me of my niece and the flower by that name.

When you ever think of a name it might bring many memories flowing back like when I heard Andromeda.

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