I have a hard time figuring out people that say they will do something and never fulfil it. While growing up in a children’s home, we had to be accountable for all our actions. We knew that if we didn’t follow through, we had to face the consequences.

Do your actions speak accountability to your peers?

First, it is important to understand that being accountable comes from within, not without. Yes, people can be held accountable and they can be disciplined or terminated, but that is not the same thing as being accountable. It’s hard to work with someone that promises to help you because they don’t think you are accountable or doing the job.

For me I can’t see telling everyone each step of my progress until I’ve accomplished the task that I was trying to do. It may take each person a different length of time to finish the task. Not everyone moves at the same speed, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t accountable. When you work as a team to meet the challenges, you will be able to move the heavens and earth.

Personal accountability means that I am 100% responsible for:

  • my choices
  • my feelings
  • my opinions
  • my beliefs
  • my actions

To be accountable means to be responsible or answerable to someone for something. It involves taking responsibility for your own actions and being able to explain them. Accountability comes in many forms and is used in all aspects of our society. There is no aspect of power or control in this definition. But there is an expectation.

Being accountable for our own actions means that we would be able to explain to someone why we did something. If we act in a way that affects others, we will be held accountable to those other people for the effect that our actions had on them and would be asked to explain and stand responsible for that.

Are you being accountable for your actions? If this interest you, please comment.





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