About Me

carol eggerHi My name is Carol,

I worked a dead-end job for 44 years in a factory doing manual labor often working 7 days a week. It was the only way I made any money! There was not much incentive to advance. Often we were told through the years that they didn’t hire from within. After many buy outs, rules and regulations changed. Steel-toes, no jewelry, hair nets, no polished nails and no personal or sick days. You had to use your vacation for personal or sick days.

You have to realize, I had two girls (ages 1 & 4) and an 80 year old father-in-law, (who lived with us for 4 years till his health failed) who needed 24 hour care. Soon after entering a nursing home, he passed away. No babysitter or care-taker! My husband and I worked different shifts. I took the odd shifts. Many times we didn’t see each other; only in passing as we had only one car and he would get out and I would get in. Over time other things came up and it helped our income for me to work.

Eventually I was able to go back to college at 52 for a degree, during which time I worked full-time and studied part-time. I was on the dean list every quarter. I got so many Dear John letters and got defeated to the place I continued with a job that didn’t have my heart. Many responses were…

“Why would you want to change jobs after that many years?”

April 23, 2015, I retired. Actually I told no one just that I was leaving. Highly unusual for me as I never left early. Cleaned out my locker, changed my shoes and put my shoes on the trash can so co-workers would see them at quitting time. Walked into human resource to have papers signed and handed in my key bob to tell them: “I quit.”

About thirty years ago I started with Shaklee Company, buying their products and notice over the years that fish oil (EPA) was changing into a gel instead of a liquid that I could see move. This why I started out because I have a very dry skin condition which there is no cure. In fact doctors have only read about it in textbooks. I lack oil in my body. Anybody that has this strain is related.

In May, 2015, a former co-worker gave me some samples of Young Living oils to try. At first I was skeptical because I had tried another oil company and was not impressed with the quality. I agreed to go to a meeting with her that month. Whoa was I impressed of all the testing that was done with their products. That night I purchased the premium kit, NingXia Red, and Omegize. The way Omegize moved it seemed alive, I knew I had to give it a try. The fact they put clove oil in so it doesn’t go rancid was a plus for me.

It was not ever my intention to sell these oils, but I was beginning to see all the benefits that it could make in people’s lives with health and abundance. I enrolled in Essential Rewards so I could get MY products at wholesale. The only thing that bothered me was, REMEMBER, I was in a MLM Company (Shaklee) for thirty years and had very little success selling.
I’m 72 years old woman who wants to make a difference in people lives. I know I have something that could help many people where medicine fails.